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Amy Bailey, Associate Professor
Andy Clarno, Associate Professor
Claire Decoteau, Associate Professor
Nilda Flores-Gonzalez, Professor
Lorena Garcia, Associate Professor
Rachel Gordon, Professor
Maria Krysan, Professor
Amanda Lewis, Professor
Patrisia Macias-Rojas, Assisant Professor
Paul-Brian McInerney, Associate Professor
Pamela Popielarz, Associate Professor
Barbara Risman, UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor
Atef Said, Assistant Professor
Laurie Schaffner, Associate Professor


Amy Bailey: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

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Amy Bailey

I do not have formal classes this semester, but I am supervising independent study projects for half a dozen UIC undergraduates.

I’m currently working on
Serving as co-guest editor for a special issue of Population Research and Policy Review focusing on military and veteran populations (with Meredith Kleykamp from the University of Maryland)

Completing data collection – with a hardy band of a dozen UIC undergraduates – for a new database of people threatened with lynching (but not actually killed), and finalizing two papers from this project, to be co-authored with UIC graduate student Piere Washington and recent alumna Elizabeth Breen.

Learning how to do network analysis for a paper I am working on with UIC doctoral student Erin Eife and undergraduate Kobie Price. In the paper, we will compare organizational network structures between Chicago and Seattle – two metropolitan areas with vast differences in the patterns of intergenerational mobility.

Working on a pair of papers with UIC doctoral student Allison Helmuth that focus on how accounting for changes in ZIP Code boundaries affects our understanding of residential segregation.

I recently published
Amy Kate Bailey, Madisen Drury, and Hannah Randall. 2017. “College for All? A Quasi-Experimental Study of Student Academic Performance Before and After Universal Funding.” Armed Forces & Society.

E. M. Beck, Stewart E. Tolnay, and Amy Kate Bailey. 2016. “Contested Terrain: The State versus Threatened Lynch Mob Violence,” American Journal of Sociology 121 (6): 1856-1884.

I also have two recent book chapters, co-authored with UIC graduate students. They are:

Allison Suppan Helmuth and Amy Kate Bailey. 2017. “Gender, Residential Segregation, and Military Enlistment.” invited book chapter. Gender (In)equality: Stalled Revolutions and Shifting Terrains in the 21st Century. Shannon N. Davis, Sarah Winslow, and David J. Maume, editors. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Amy Kate Bailey, Christopher D. Poulos and Kylee M. Joosten. 2016. “Housing Veterans: Homelessness and Mortgages.” invited book chapter, pp. 693 – 717 in The Civilian Lives of U.S. Veterans: Issues and Identities. Louis Hicks, Eugenia L. Weiss and Jose E. Coll, editors. Praeger/ABC-CLIO.

I recently received
Tenure & promotion to Associate Professor!

Over winter break, I …
Worked and spent time with family.

My office hours are
By appointment this semester.

See Amy Bailey’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.

Andy Clarno: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

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Andy Clarno

I’m teaching
AAST/SOC 407 – Comparative Racial Formation

I’m currently working on
A community engaged research project on policing in Chicago. We want to understand the impact of advanced data analysis and coordination between local, state, and federal policing agencies on policing in Chicago.

I’m also organizing a symposium on Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria that will take place at UIC on April 20. We are excited to announce that Carmen Yulin Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan, will provide the keynote address.

I recently published
Neoliberal Apartheid: Palestine/Israel and South Africa After 1994
You can find it at a local bookstore!

Short pieces in Middle East Report and Al-Shabaka.

And an interview about my book in the journal, Decolonization:
Desai, Chandni and Andy Clarno. 2017. “‘Neoliberal Apartheid’: Challenges for Decolonization from South Africa to Palestine (An Interview with Andy Clarno by Chandni Desai).” Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education, and Society 6.1: 96-98.

I recently received
A promotion to Associate Professor

A Policy and Social Engagement Fellowship from the UIC Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy for participatory action research projects on surveillance in Chicago.

This summer, I’m looking forward to …
taking some time to relax, recharge and begin writing my second book.

My office hours are
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00-3:30 and by appointment

See Andy Clarno’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.

Claire Decoteau: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

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Claire Decoteau

I’m teaching
Contemporary Sociological Theory (SOC 587)

I’m currently working on
Writing my book on contestations over autism in Somali diaspora communities in Minneapolis and Toronto. It focuses on how Somali parents understand their children’s vulnerability to autism and seek services.

I recently published
The “Western disease”: Autism and Somali parents’ embodied health movements

Psychiatry’s little other: DSM-5 and debates over psychiatric science

I recently received
2014-2017 National Science Foundation Award, $193,972.00

This summer, I’m looking forward to …
Getting a lot of writing done on my book and playing at the beach with my toddler, Felix

My office hours are
Mondays, 1-3pm

See Claire Decoteau’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.

Lorena Garcia: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

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Lorena Garcia

I’m teaching
SOC 490: Senior Research Experience

I’m currently working on
A book about upward mobility among U.S. Latinxs

An op-ed on school sexuality education and inclusion of the topic of sexual harassment

I recently published
Fields, Jessica and Lorena Garcia. Forthcoming. “Loving Possibilities in the Studies of Sexualities and Youth.” In Cambridge Handbook of Sexual Development: Childhood and Adolescence. Cambridge University Press.

I recently became
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Sociology and Associate Head in Sociology.

This summer, I’m looking forward to …
enjoying spending time with family and friends and catching up on my fiction reading.

My office hours are
By appointment

See Lorena Garcia’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.

Rachel Gordon: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

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Rachel Gordon

I’m teaching
Soc 402 and Soc 300

I’m currently working on
Directing a National Institutes of Health study on how youths’ appearance relates to their achievement from birth to adolescence.

With colleagues, I submitted four grants this fall/spring to NIH and NSF that build on the current NIH project by coding youths’ race-ethnicity and parents’ appearance as well as a new project on legal and sociological framing of copyright policy and open source measures.

I recently published
Paper in press at AERA Open on “Examining the Category Functioning of the ECERS-R Across Eight Data Sets,” a psychometric replication study of over 4,000 early childhood classrooms, with Ken Fujimoto, Fang Peng, and Kerry Hofer.

I recently received
Outstanding Reviewer award for American Educational Research Journal (flagship journal of American Educational Research Association)

$1.4 million Institute of Education Sciences grant with colleagues in psychology developing a new measure of social and emotional teaching.

I also have an ongoing National Institutes of Health grant for the project mentioned above.

My office hours are
Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30

See Rachel Gordon’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.

Maria Krysan: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

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Maria Krysan

I’m teaching
SOC 501, Graduate Practicum in social research methods

I’m currently working on
a new multi-methods research project exploring how African American, Latinx, and white Chicagoans explain racial inequality, with Amanda Lewis, Tyrone Forman, and graduate students in SOC 501.

I recently published
The Cycle of Segregation, available through an independent bookstore near you (I’m sure they would be glad to order it for you!)

This summer, I’m looking forward to …
collecting our data on the explanations for inequality, and taking some vacations to interesting places!

See Maria Krysan’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.