A Week of Gratitude, day 5

Week of Gratitude 4x3 day 1Our graduating seniors wrote thank-you notes, reflecting on their time at UIC and the friends, family, and instructors who supported them along the way. We’re sharing these notes all week for A Week of Gratitude.

Ben Tam
First and foremost, I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices of my parents. I’ve worked in their shoes and it was hard work – 7 days a week with only Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving night off. Thank you Lain for blowing my mind on gender. Your first course was introduction for me to Sociology & Gender. Also, thanks to all my previous professors for making my college experience a nice one. Shout out to Rachel Lovis, Amy Bailey, Gina Pessagno, Herrica Telus, Amelia Branigan, Kevin James, and everyone else I’m missing.

Daisy Vanessa Guzman
By God’s grace and my mommy’s support, I made it! Now let’s get that Masters!

I am thankful that our department is a woke one.

Map Team
Thank you Soc 490 team! We thank you ❤


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