A Week of Gratitude, day 4

Week of Gratitude 4x3 day 4Our graduating seniors wrote thank-you notes, reflecting on their time at UIC and the friends, family, and instructors who supported them along the way. We’re sharing these notes all week for A Week of Gratitude.

Laura Magana
This course [SOC 490] has been very helpful and fun! I am very grateful for the senior capstone faculty because they are inspirational and motivational. Thank you for all your support!

Fariha Asad
This has been one of the best classes I have taken this semester. Soc 490 with Professor Garcia has been great because it really engages you into learning by focusing on not only the material at hand but she knows how to tie in her lectures with content events. She’s an amazing professor and I’m very happy that she was promoted as she was. Thank you for an amazing semester!

Big Shout out to Jose and the Oak Park Library Crew for supporting our event! #ETeam Soc 490 #Capstone

Thank you SOC 490 Team. Thanks Mom and Dad ❤


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