Claire Decoteau: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

What i'm up to now 2       decoteau_claire

Claire Decoteau

I’m teaching
Contemporary Sociological Theory (SOC 587)

I’m currently working on
Writing my book on contestations over autism in Somali diaspora communities in Minneapolis and Toronto. It focuses on how Somali parents understand their children’s vulnerability to autism and seek services.

I recently published
The “Western disease”: Autism and Somali parents’ embodied health movements

Psychiatry’s little other: DSM-5 and debates over psychiatric science

I recently received
2014-2017 National Science Foundation Award, $193,972.00

This summer, I’m looking forward to …
Getting a lot of writing done on my book and playing at the beach with my toddler, Felix

My office hours are
Mondays, 1-3pm

See Claire Decoteau’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.


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