Barbara Risman: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

What i'm up to now 2       risman

Barbara Risman

Interviews for my new book
I have been talking to lots of local NPR radio hosts about my new book, Where The Millennials Will Take UsS: A New Generation Wrestles with the Gender Structure. I’ve been interviewed in Kansas, Washington state, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, and on internet shows as well.

This semester
I’m at the Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University in the UK, and here I’m taking a break from my new research project research project interviewing genderqueer young adults. I’m working on two theory papers, one about the development of a new conceptual gender binary, the cis vs. trans divide, the other jointly authored with French theorist Eric Mace. We are developing a framework for comparing countries on gender equality, without using a hegemonic Western gaze. I am also writing a grant to do a mixed-method study of the gender structure.

What’s very exciting is that I have finished co-editing (with UIC graduate student Buddy Scarborough and Professor Carissa Froyum Roise) a new Handbook on the Sociology of Gender, and it should be published next month. It’s designed to be must reading for gender preliminary exams in sociology departments, and should be useful to anyone doing research on gender.

Former student Ray Sin, current graduate student Buddy Scarborough and I also have research analyzing General Social Survey data about whether millennials are becoming more traditional on gender politics.

I recently published
2018. Where the Millennials Will Take Us: A New Generation Wrestles with the Gender Structure

2018. Risman, Barbara J., Myers, Kristen and Sin, Ray. “Limitations to the Neoliberal Turn in Gender Theory.” Gender Reconsidered. Messerschmidt, James, Martin, Patricia, Messner, Michael and Connell, Raewyn (co-editors). New York, NY: New York University Press.

2017. Scarborough, William J. , Barbara J. Risman and Catherine Meola. “Women’s-Group Fishponds in Bangladesh: Using Gender Structure Theory to Examine Changes in the Gender Asset Gap.” Socius.

2017. McTague, Tricia, Carissa Froyum and Barbara J. Risman. “Learning About Inequality from Kids: Interviewing Strategies for Getting Beneath Equality Rhetoric” in Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, Volume 22.

I was recently invited
to be a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study at Durham University in the UK. It’s an amazing opportunity for interdisciplinary scholarship and conversation.

For the spring and summer
I am thrilled to be going from here to be a Visiting Professor at three universities in Europe. I’ll be at the University of Valencia in Spain for the month of April, Trento University in Italy for the first two weeks of May, and the VU University in Amsterdam for the rest of May. In June and July, I’ll have UIC undergraduates studying with me in Amsterdam.

See Barbara Risman’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.


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