Atef Said: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

What i'm up to now 2       said_atef

Atef Said

I’m teaching
SOC 385 (Introduction to Sociological Theory)
SOC 565 (Seminar in Political Sociology)

I’m currently working on
two articles based on my research on the Egyptian revolution. One article is about the famous protest camp in Tahrir Square in relation to the concept of repertories of contention. The second is on the question of eventfulness in the Egyptian revolution in relation to the famous work by William Sewell, Jr. on revolutionary events. I presented on the second one recently in the department colloquium. This summer I will go back to work on my book manuscript, tentatively titled, The Revolution Squared: The Politics of Time and Space in the Egyptian Revolution.

I recently published
I just submitted the final version of an article titled “Doing Research during Times of Revolution and Counterrevolution.” This will be a chapter in an edited volume titled Political Science Research in the Middle East and North Africa, published by Oxford University Press and it will come out this year. Janine A Clark and Francesco Cavatorta are the editors of the volume.

I recently received
The UIC Institute For the Humanities Faculty Fellowship for the Year 2018-2019. I am very excited to be focusing on my book during the next year.

I was recently selected to be a member in the editorial committee of the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP). Since its foundation in 1971, MERIP has been one of the leading international sources on news and critical perspectives about the Middle East not available from mainstream news sources.

I also received an invitation to deliver the keynote at the 2018 Annual Graduate Conference in Sociology organized by the Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) at the Department of Sociology of the University of Illinois at Urbana¬-Champaign. The conference will take place on April 20-21, 2018. The theme of the conference is “Transnational Sociology in Times of Global Transformation.” The title of my talk is “A Critical Global Sociology: Lessons from the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and Its Aftermath.”

This summer, I am looking forward to …
continue working on my book.

In the summer too, I will be working with my collaborator (Kaveh Rafei) to prepare our exhibition, “Arts of Dissent: The Fate of Unfinished Revolutions from Green Movement to Occupy Movement,” and make it ready by the fall of 2018. The UIC Social Justice Initiative is co-sponsoring the exhibit. The exhibition is supported by funding through The 2017 Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Arts and Humanities (ICAH) Award which we received last year.

My office hours are
Monday from 2:00-4:00

See Atef Said’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.


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