Amy Bailey: What I’m up to now (spring 2018)

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Amy Bailey

I do not have formal classes this semester, but I am supervising independent study projects for half a dozen UIC undergraduates.

I’m currently working on
Serving as co-guest editor for a special issue of Population Research and Policy Review focusing on military and veteran populations (with Meredith Kleykamp from the University of Maryland)

Completing data collection – with a hardy band of a dozen UIC undergraduates – for a new database of people threatened with lynching (but not actually killed), and finalizing two papers from this project, to be co-authored with UIC graduate student Piere Washington and recent alumna Elizabeth Breen.

Learning how to do network analysis for a paper I am working on with UIC doctoral student Erin Eife and undergraduate Kobie Price. In the paper, we will compare organizational network structures between Chicago and Seattle – two metropolitan areas with vast differences in the patterns of intergenerational mobility.

Working on a pair of papers with UIC doctoral student Allison Helmuth that focus on how accounting for changes in ZIP Code boundaries affects our understanding of residential segregation.

I recently published
Amy Kate Bailey, Madisen Drury, and Hannah Randall. 2017. “College for All? A Quasi-Experimental Study of Student Academic Performance Before and After Universal Funding.” Armed Forces & Society.

E. M. Beck, Stewart E. Tolnay, and Amy Kate Bailey. 2016. “Contested Terrain: The State versus Threatened Lynch Mob Violence,” American Journal of Sociology 121 (6): 1856-1884.

I also have two recent book chapters, co-authored with UIC graduate students. They are:

Allison Suppan Helmuth and Amy Kate Bailey. 2017. “Gender, Residential Segregation, and Military Enlistment.” invited book chapter. Gender (In)equality: Stalled Revolutions and Shifting Terrains in the 21st Century. Shannon N. Davis, Sarah Winslow, and David J. Maume, editors. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Amy Kate Bailey, Christopher D. Poulos and Kylee M. Joosten. 2016. “Housing Veterans: Homelessness and Mortgages.” invited book chapter, pp. 693 – 717 in The Civilian Lives of U.S. Veterans: Issues and Identities. Louis Hicks, Eugenia L. Weiss and Jose E. Coll, editors. Praeger/ABC-CLIO.

I recently received
Tenure & promotion to Associate Professor!

Over winter break, I …
Worked and spent time with family.

My office hours are
By appointment this semester.

See Amy Bailey’s full bio on the UIC Sociology website here.


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