30 in 30 Presents: Imilya Mirza (Week 21)

Imilya Mirza 30in30

Imilya Mirza

BA, Sociology, UIC, 2014
MA, Public Health, DePaul University, in progress

Current job
Imilya works as a Nutrition Operator at Northwestern Hospital. In her role as Nutrition Operator, she works with patients, monitoring dietary intake and restrictions such as allergens. In this position, Imilya uses her sociological skills such as research, making observations and analytical skills. Having a sociology background not only prepared Imilya for the work place but it also prepared her for graduate school. Imilya believes that a sociological background prepares one to work in many different professional careers such as non-for-profit, community outreach and research. Her sociology undergraduate experience also prepared her to do professional research in her current job and in her graduate program in public health.

How sociology led Imilya to public health
In her training as a sociologist, Imilya most enjoyed gathering data. Through sociology, she found an interest in the medical community and social psychology. The ability to explore different subfields in sociology enabled Imilya to see overlap of sociology and health and led her to her career and graduate school pursuits in public health.

Why sociology is a broad, applicable degree
Sociology gave Imilya a platform to study issues that interest her. Imilya’s concentration within sociology is studying society through culture and geography. She appreciates the broadness of sociology and all the transferable skills you gain from your sociological training. For instance, in classes for her public health degree, Imilya has found herself ahead of classmates because of her training in research methods and data analysis once she gathers the research.

The travel bug!
Imilya loves to travel and has been to Washington D.C., California and Australia, and had upcoming plans to go to Europe at the time of our interview. She loves to experience the art, music, museums and food from all of the places to which she travels as well.

Interviewed by Myia Scott


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