30 in 30 Presents: Magaly Flores (Week 17)

Magaly Flores 30in30

Magaly Flores

BA, Sociology, UIC, 2015

Current work
Magaly is a Project Assistant for the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council, which informs organizations of best practices related to environment, health, and safety standards. Ms. Flores’ favorite part of her job is building relationships with and working closely with volunteers at the Campbell Institute.

What attracted Magaly to sociology
Magaly has always wanted to help people, so she thought that an education in sociology would help her to do just that. Since people are often comfortable with those who are like them, she wanted an education that would help her break out of her comfort zone and learn more about others who are different from her.

Shout out!
To Dr. Amy Bailey in the department, whose passion for sociology inspired Magaly to learn more about it and ultimately to declare sociology as her major.

Finding a job as a sociology major
While Magaly encountered a few potential employers who did not know the skill-set that her degree in sociology equipped her with, many others recognized the value of her degree. Magaly found that being confident in her skills and knowledge and applying to a wide range of jobs was a winning combination for finding the job she now has and loves!

Advice for sociology majors
Get involved with the Sociology department because it opens doors for students, through relationships, mentorship, and other opportunities. It will also help you to meet new people, including other undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. Also, when applying for jobs, cast a wide net. You never know all the jobs your sociology degree has prepared you for, until you apply and interview.

Fun facts
Magaly loves to listen to music in her free time, when she’s working out or relaxing. She loves a variety of music, from Spanish music to rock, and recently has enjoyed Artic Monkeys and Interpol.

Interviewed by Stephanie Munoz


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