30 in 30 Presents: Rosemarie Dominguez (Week 11)

Rosemarie Dominguez 30in30

Rosemarie Dominguez

BA, Sociology, Applied Psychology, and Latin American & Latino Studies, UIC, 2015
MA, Latino American & Latino Studies, UIC, Expected 2018

Current job
Rosemarie is currently working on her Master’s degree in Latino American and Latino Studies (LALS) and works as a Teaching Assistant while working on her degree.

How sociology chose Rosemarie
She says that being a brown-skinned Latina from Little Village, she feels that sociology really chose her. It was a great complement to her knowledge of and involvement with grass-roots and community organizing. Sociology helps students to develop critical consciousness and helps them to become revolutionaries as they learn more about social stratification, class and racial injustice, and more through a sociological lens.

Advocating for her own success
While she was challenged by some, and witnessed other students of color being challenged for their ambitious goals to double or triple major, Rosemarie found great support at UIC from others. Her academic advisor in LALS, Juanita del Toro, encouraged her to take on the challenge of completing three majors, which she did successfully. This experience taught Rosemarie that students should advocate for themselves, as well as seek out mentors who believe in their abilities.

Using sociology beyond the classroom
In addition to pursuing her Master’s degree and working as a TA, Rosemarie is a Community Assistant for La Casa Student Housing, an initiative of the Resurrection Project. She also serves as a mentor for first generation students who are pursuing their bachelor’s degree.

Fun facts
While Rosemarie loves to support students, volunteer in her community and stay, she also loves a good nap. She also cherishes time spent with family, which is incredibly important to her as a LatinX woman, because family is “everything” in Mexican culture.

Interviewed by Luis Duran


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