30 in 30 Presents: Dr. Angela Mascarenas (Week 10)

Dr Angela Mascarenas 30in30

Dr. Angela Mascarenas

BA, Social Psychology, University of the Philippines, 1983
MA, Sociology, UIC, 1987
PhD, Sociology, UIC, 2010

Current work
Dr. Mascarenas works in New York using her analytics background (she worked in Chicago as an accounts analyst for an investment firm in Chicago for 12 years). She is currently consulting for a leading Swiss chocolatier. She is also excited to be facilitating a theater workshop for 1199SEIU (Service Employees International Union) summer camp as a way to engage and develop critical thinking among minority children ages 8-12 years old. She will be adapting a curriculum that she developed in her work at CIRCA Pintig.

Other related work
Angela is the Co-Executive director of the community theater organization, CIRCA Pintig, established over 25 years ago. The organization uses the arts as a way to address social problems. Dr. Mascarenas manages operations, solicits grant support, helps with workshops, and participates in the creation of performances. Performances also include “talkbacks” afterward that engage the audience in the issues that the performances address. She loves her job because it helps her to bring her academic knowledge and the world together.

The strength of sociology
Dr. Mascarenas appreciates the complementarity of anthropology, psychology, and sociology, but she was drawn to sociology for graduate school because the discipline focuses on the structure of society as well as groups’ beliefs and cultures. She says that sociology is uniquely intersectional as a discipline. Students of sociology learn qualitative and quantitative methods that are useful for analyzing relevant social problems, and the subject helps students to learn to think critically instead of taking things at face value.

Advice for students and UIC Sociology
To best serve students, Angela suggests that the department work to introduce as many students and alumni to one another as possible, so that students can appreciate the range of careers sociology prepares students to succeed in after graduating. She says this will also help students to access networks and possibly gain hands-on experience.

Interviewed by Luis Duran and Kirsten Andersen


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