A Week of Gratitude, day 5

Week of Gratitude 4x3 day 5Our graduating seniors wrote thank-you notes, reflecting on their time at UIC and the friends, family, and instructors who helped them along the way. We’re sharing these notes all week for A Week of Gratitude.

Celina Hernandez
Special shout-out to Prof. Lorena Garcia. Thank you for opening the world of research to me and for being a wonderful role model. Your presence as a Latina professor showed me the power of representation in the classroom.

Rhode Saint Felurose
To the Sociology Dept., thank you for helping me think outside of myself. Every professor and graduate TA has impacted my college experience and has changed not only my perspective but my life. Continue to encourage and bring the truth to light. Thank you to the SOC 490 dream team for putting your all into this semester – for believing in all of us – when we had no idea what we wanted to do. Your impact will not be forgotten.

Nicole Perez
I would like to thank my mom, Maria Cedillo-Perez, my twin sister, Natalie Perez, The Sociology Department, and Sigma Lambda Gamma- Sigma Chapter for all of my accomplishments, success, and growth in the major that has changed my life. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you all! She came, she saw, she CONQUERED!

Kristy D.
I would like to say a special thank you to my parents, the entire staff that worked with me on this journey, my friends, and especially my professors who have pushed my limits and helped me grow and develop into a successful student. Special thanks to William and Miguel for working with me so closely on the capstone project. Also, special thanks to Professor Kevin James for making all this possible. I have grown personally and professionally from all of your support and amazing work.


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