A Week of Gratitude, day 4

Week of Gratitude 4x3 day 4.jpgOur graduating seniors wrote thank-you notes, reflecting on their time at UIC and the friends, family, and instructors who helped them along the way. We’re sharing these notes all week for A Week of Gratitude.

I want to thank all the people who believed in me. I also want to thank all my TA’s because without their help and support I would not have made it this far.

Myia Scott
Thanks to my family’s encouragement and acknowledgment, and the emotional support of my boyfriend, Sean. I did it!

Jaime Yager
Thanks to an amazing experience at UIC. I loved my sociology classes, my teachers, and my fellow sociology classmates. A shout-out to my husband and kids for their support over the last TEN years!

Thank you Allison, you are awesome!!! Thanks for always advocating for me!

Dear SOC Department, thanks for giving me the tools to question reality.

Carolina Perez
First of all, I’d like to give thanks to God for allowing me to reach this point. Thanks to my parents for saying YES to giving me life and for crossing the border so I could cross the stage. Thanks to my community and my boyfriend for accompanying me throughout the highs and lows of my undergrad years. Thanks to the UIC Newman Center and Fearless Undocumented Alliance for allowing me to work with them side by side. Last but not least, thanks to the sociology department and professors for providing the inspiration and tools to go out to society as that resilient, critical thinking professional.


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