A Week of Gratitude, day 3

Week of Gratitude 4x3 day 3Our graduating seniors wrote thank-you notes, reflecting on their time at UIC and the friends, family, and instructors who helped them along the way. We’re sharing these notes all week for A Week of Gratitude.

Summer Darayyad
I’d like to first thank god because without him, I wouldn’t have succeeded. I’d like to thank my parents next, who have pushed me through. To be honest, you are the main reason why I did this. I wanted to make you proud and show you how much I appreciate all your sacrifices that you both made so that my siblings and I can have have a beautiful life. I love you Fadwa Darayyad and Mazen Darayyad. This is for you ❤ 

Mario Rios
JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you could do for your country.” I feel many professors took the same approach with their students. So, thank you for that.

Sarahi Perez
Thank you to Professor Lorena [Garcia] and Alison [Moss] for all the support and inspiration. It meant the world to see beautiful, powerful women dominating the sociology field! Wishing you the best with your career and families.

Elise Dubravec
UIC Sociology has changed my view of the world. This major was not my plan but I am so glad it became my undergraduate education. My professor, Alison Moss, opened my mind to the beauty and ugliness of society. She inspired me to be a light and change for the world. Thank you, Alison and UIC Sociology!

Jacklyn Esparza
I want to give thanks to my husband, Luis A. L, for supporting me every step of the way in my college journey. I also want to give thanks to my mom and my sister for encouraging me to follow my dreams.


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