30 in 30 Presents: Zach Abel (Week 4)


Zach Abel 30in30
Zach Abel

BA, Sociology, UIC

Current Job
Zach Abel works in Commercial Sales in the automotive industry. Although sociology is not directly related to his career, he has acquired many skills from sociology that translate to his field. For instance, he travels the world to educate people about the various parts that are used by his company and explores new communities and cultures. Because of his education, he can appreciate demography, culture, ecology, and religion he finds in these new communities.

What brought Zach to sociology
Zach began his undergraduate career as a business and then psychology major. Neither major seemed to be the right fit. When he took Sociology 100, he found a new perspective on everyday life, so he changed his major one last time. He was intrigued by sociology because it provided insight into how the world works and why it works in that particular manner. As he continued to take sociology courses at UIC, he met professors, TA’s, and staff members in the sociology department that were passionate about their field of study, which kept him engaged.

On why sociology is more than just common sense
Although he found sociology fascinating, he often got grief from his friends who thought sociology was “just common sense.” Zach knew that it was more than that; Sociology gave him a new set of skills and appreciation for the world and the cultures that he might not have developed otherwise. The sociology club also helped him understand the various cultures on UIC’s campus and appreciate those individuals as well as the university. He began to see how important it is to view the world in many different perspectives.

Advice for current undergraduates at UIC Sociology
His advice to undergraduates is to create a close connection with professors, TA’s, and staff members in the sociology department. Those individuals made a strong impact on his life because they took the time to talk to him and guide him when things did not go as planned.

Fun fact
Zach is also an international antiquarian book dealer and a trainer in the tech-industry!

Interviewed by Itzayana Alvarado


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