30 in 30 Presents: Dr. Eduardo Garza (Week 1)


Garza 30in30

Dr. Eduardo Garza

PhD, Educational Leadership, DePaul University
Master’s, Urban Planning and Policy, UIC
Bachelor’s, Sociology, UIC

Current job
Dean of Student Services, Richard J. Daley College in Chicago, Illinois

On studying sociology…
Dr. Garza chose Sociology as his major because he is fascinated by the study of people and how they interact. He took an elective with Dr. Nilda Flores-Gonzalez and fell in love with sociology. His background in community organizing was also a good fit with the major.

Remembering his time in UIC Sociology…
Eduardo’s fondest memories of UIC Sociology are the students he took classes with in the department. They were from many different walks of life, and he learned a lot about them and their diverse perspectives.

What’s most inspiring about the discipline of sociology…
Sociology courses cover a wide spectrum of practical issues occurring in communities, which makes it a great base for pursuing a career in policy, education and many other areas. Dr. Garza also believes that Sociology allows for individuals to better assess community dynamics. A degree in sociology made him a better communicator and more adept at understanding diverse values.

How a background in sociology influenced his career path…
Working in one of Chicago’s City Colleges, Dr. Garza has seen first-hand the tremendous deficit in higher education opportunities for minorities. Given the importance of education for success, he was inspired to work as an agent for change in the field of education, which led him to his current job.

Advice for current or newly graduated UIC Sociology students…
Exposure to many different topics addressed in sociology will help students to find a career path. While classes like theory and methods are interesting, classes that deal with race, class and other topical issues in the real world will help students find career inspiration. Active participation while they are students will prepare new graduates to represent UIC in various professional fields, including health, housing, education and more.

In his free time…
Eduardo loves to be out on the water. He has been sailing for 12 years, which he says helps him to connect with the beauty of nature.

Interview conducted by Luis Duran.


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