One Department One Book: Un-Veiling Curricula

Wednesday, April 5
2 – 4pm @ BSB 4105
“Un-Veiling Curricula: An Exercise into the Pedagogy of the Denied”

We are writing with great excitement to invite you to participate in this informal symposium. We believe there are so many reasons you should not miss this event.

1) This is just an open conversation. You do not have to be an expert on Du Bois. You do not have to prepare for any thing.

2) The focus of the discussion is a topic that is very dear to our hearts, pedagogy.

3) The topic of the ODOB overall and this session specifically touches upon the spirit of UIC sociology, with its focus on public sociology and critical sociology.

4) We have three exciting themes as the focus of conversation in the symposium. What does a syllabus on one of the following topics look like:

A) Du Bois’ sociology (substance & methods)
B) scholars denied in sociology
C) Du Bois and scholars denied in the street and engaged sociology

5) This is our final ODOB event this semester. We had three extraordinary reading group sessions, in which we had very stimulating discussions between faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, staff and even interested visitors from the general public. We would like to keep this wonderful momentum and end in a good note.

6) MOST IMPORTANTLY, we do hope this event will be a good step towards the process of producing critical syllabi on the above three topics. The credit of making this project will be attributed to the collective of UIC sociology. How cool is that?

PLEASE let us know if you can participate in this event. To RSVP email Jennifer at (, and kindly CC us ( and If you RSVP, you will receive a small reading packet. Again, feel free to show up if you missed to RSVP and also we will have the reading packet ready for all during the event.

On behalf of the ODOB organizing committee,
Timothy Adkins and Atef Said Event Facilitators


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