Gallery Opening & Book Launch on April 7: Neoliberal Apartheid by Andy Clarno

Clarno - NA - Photo Exhibit 2On the evening of April 7, The Silver Room will host an exhibit opening & book release event for our very own, Assistant Professor Andy Clarno! The exhibit will consist of 30 original prints.  

Andy has been traveling to Palestine/Israel since 1996 and to South Africa since 2002 as a scholar and an activist. While conducting interviews and ethnographic research, Andy has taken more than 5000 photographs to document the changing landscapes of marginalization and securitization in Johannesburg and Jerusalem.  

The purpose of the exhibit is to create opportunities for people to engage with the issues and ideas explored in his book, Neoliberal Apartheid: Palestine/Israel and South Africa after 1994 (University of Chicago Press 2017). The photographs offer a window into the conditions produced by the combination of neoliberal capitalism and shifting forms of racial domination in South Africa and Palestine/Israel today. The exhibit will raise awareness about these conditions while also encouraging critical discussions of settler colonialism and neoliberal racial capitalism more generally.


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