Events to check out this week

Monday, Feb. 20
11:30-1pm @ BSB 4105
“DuBois and His Foes”
We’ll begin our discussion of W.E.B. DuBois and the book, The Scholar Denied. Whether you’ve read it, contemplated reading it, or just started the introduction, come join us! (There will be free food, too!)

Wed, Feb. 22
12 – 1:30pm @ BSB 4105
Colloquium with Prof. Kathleen Cagney
“Activity Space, Social Interaction and Health in Later Life”

Thursday, Feb. 23
1:30 – 3:30pm @ Library Room 1-470
LinkedIn Workshop
Enhance your resume, LinkedIn profile, and job search. We will also be taking your professional picture!
*This is an interactive workshop so please bring your laptop. We will have a few laptops available if you stop by without, so please do join us! RSVP to socstudentworker@


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